Message to the youth

Message to the youth

Over the past few years I worked tirelessly as youth activist with many other organisations and on my own former youth organisation with a mission statement of inspiring and empowering young people to become responsible citizens 

One of the  core values of the HABNAB is to honour young professionals, Young people amaze me so much with what they can do,It is very important for me collaborate with them,Their  story can help someone in the way other’s  might not be aware of. I am referring to myself  to what i have been through growing up and how my stories has been appreciated by the people whom I got to meet.

To any young Person reading this,Please be aware that In this world, there are many reasons that make us bad, but it has only a few reasons to be good. Choice is yours, you can go with the crowd or can make your own path.

However I can understand how tough to know exactly whats the best way to follow, remember not matter how much fun you are having at some point when something is wrong to do,It will always have signs that shows that the activity is not proven by authorities and there is reasons some rules aren’t meant to be broken.

If in your life, you cannot find your path to go, then ask your mind where to go. Your mind never misleads you. Have faith in you and go ahead in your life always. Sometimes we are to afraid to reach  out, asking for help as sometimes we might  think we know it all; Truth is, We Don’t

I once heard a saying that says ” A man who knows everything knows nothing” Don’t be that type of person, refuse to think you know it all, not matter how well you might stand out from your circle, or how long you might have been on earth for, instead; be the curious one, be the one who accepts the wrong doings and don’t assume every point you make or share to be correct, be the one willing to learn, I repeat, Learn, learn and keep learning…

Think beyond your ability, dream beyond your imagination. You can make your every desire fulfilled with your hard work and dedication. Keep your spirit up always and win challenges.


       Your friend, Jamal Giraneza

Jamal Giraneza

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